House of Artist

House of Artist is a late 19th-century Tuscan dwelling consisting of three apartments wisely restructured in December 2017. Massimiliano and Mila, who have worked in the tourism sector for about 30 years, decided to requalify an old guesthouse business active since the late 19th century.

The business, located along Via Francigena, provided lodging, food and its cellar with Tuscan wine to travellers. The Da Vinci apartment is located on the ground floor, the Buonarroti is on the first floor, and the Caravaggio is on the second. All three are characterised by the warmth of a home and all modern comforts, and each can sleep up to six guests.

The apartments are very carefully decorated, giving preference to a contemporary taste that is modern and elegant, using mainly white, grey and beige – guesthouse hues.