Known all over the world as “Little Athens”, Pietrasanta’s historical centre dates from the year 1200 and is rich with monuments. From the central Piazza, where visitors can sip delicious cocktails, various narrow streets fan out, the home of numerous restaurants, trattorias and art galleries. From the piazza it is possible to admire the Duomo of San Martino with its bell, attributed to Michelangelo, and the church of Sant’Agostino, with adjacent convent and Museo dei Bozzetti.

The piazzas and streets are embellished by works by famous artists such as Adami, Cascella, Folon, Botero, Mitoraj, Kan Yasuda, many of which decided to move here, becoming honorary citizens, such as famous director Alfonso Cuarón. Five kilometres from the historical centre visitors will find Marina, famous for the drama season of the Versiliana, for its long sand beaches and safe waters suitable for families with children. The breeze that characterises the entire coast has made the town famous for seaside activities such as surfing and sailing.

It is also famous for its hotels, restaurants and disco clubs. A beautiful bike lane connects Marina di Pietrasanta to all other seaside towns.