Where we are

The cottage is located in High Tuscany, on Via Francigena, near the border with Liguria and its Cinque Terre, in a town of the Versilia area called Montignoso. The whole area is hilly and luxurious, immersed in green, a place where relaxation and the taste of simple things mark the days of local inhabitants, still bound to ancient traditions and a healthy way of life.

The “fraction” is located along the medieval hamlet of Montignoso, where life still follows the rhythms and habits of an ancient and simple civilisation, that participates in the modern world but has never forgotten its own cultural identity. Here, humans and their feelings are still the protagonists of an authentic world, still distant from our frenetic times.

Montignoso is the perfect place to relax in a quiet natural paradise, suspended between the hill and the famous beaches of the Tuscan coast.